Can I Get ISO 9001 Certified in My City?

Can I Get ISO 9001 Certified in My City

ISO 9001 or the Quality Management System Standard is the internationally known and considered standard that outlines the framework in developing your organization, making it meet the standards of the market or the clients.

You can consider your company’s QMS as the accumulation of everything, from the planning and the internal controls and processes to the outputs such as assets, resources, as well as the processes that are involved.

An ISO 9001 Certification may have a lot of objectives and goals, but its main and primary goal is to make sure that the quality of customer experience and customer satisfaction is at its highest.

What does it mean to be ISO 9001 Certified?

To clarify, only businesses and organizations are capable of being ISO 9001 certified. But, workers and individuals can also actually have a foot in it by being registrars, or lead auditors, performing organizational ISO 9001 audits.

Being ISO 9001 certified only means one thing: that your organization was successful in implementing a QMS or a quality management system that is at par with the ISO 9001 standard requirements, and it really is everything.

Once you’re good, it’s an indication that your company is acting and is doing the right things, meeting the QMS standards detailed in the ISO 9001 standard.

Getting ISO 9001 Certified

Being ISO 9001 certified is actually not something you can do just by passing an examination or assessment. The first step is that you need to create and to implement a quality management system, which is in accordance with the most recent ISO 9001 standard.

Then, an authenticated and credible auditor can inaugurate the validity of your QMS can certify your organization.

For you to get ISO 9001 certified in your city, you need to:

  1. Establish and implement a QMS that is at par with the ISO 9001 standard principles
  2. Perform an audit through a registrar or a certified body; they’ll evaluate your performance against the most recent ISO 9001 standard
  3. The certificate you will get would need recertification or renewal every three (3) years. This is to ensure that your practices are still up to the standards

ISO 9001 Certification For Individuals?

As we mentioned above, you can’t be ISO 9001 certified like how a company or an organization would. But, for you to be in connection with ISO 9001 certification in your city as an individual, you can take up courses for you to become certified auditors and registrars of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.

You can get ISO 9001 certified in your city if you wish to. Just remember, the first step in attaining the certification is by making sure that you establish a quality management system within your division or your company.

Then, it’ll be the auditor’s job to push through with the certification. In case you’re doubting your QMS, you can have a pre-assessment for you to assess whether or not you’ll be able to pass the real ISO certification should you need it.